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Noticias 12 rutas por el Sudeste Asiático que puedes hacer

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12 rutas por el Sudeste Asiático que puedes hacer

Descubre todos los rincones del Sudeste Asiático completando alguna de estas rutas que hemos seleccionado.

El Sudeste Asiático es una de las regiones más fascinantes del mundo. Además de una cultura milenaria que te cautivará, cada uno de sus países presume de tener una naturaleza cautivadora, personas que te recibirán de manera cálida, playas paradisíacas y mucho más que tardarás en descubrir. Por más que creas que conoces este pedacito del planeta, siempre te quedarán rincones que querrás explorar. Por ello, aquí hemos seleccionado 12 rutas por el Sudeste Asiático que puedes hacer. Desde las más tradicionales hasta las menos conocidas, sigue leyendo, selecciona tu siguiente aventura y encuentra los mejores hoteles y vuelos gracias al meta-buscador de Skyscanner.

1. Malasia peninsular y Singapur (15 días)

Si tienes al menos dos semanas para plantearte una ruta por el Sudeste Asiático, te animamos a descubrir dos de los países más desarrollados de la región: Malasia y Singapur. Podrías comenzar por la capital malasia, Kuala Lumpur, y luego descubrir el noroeste del país. En Cameron Highlands podrás disfrutar del aire fresco de las plantaciones de té, mientras que en Penang degustarás la apasionante comida callejera más variada del Sudeste Asiático y la ciudad con el arte callejero más interesante: Georgetown. Luego podrías avanzar hacia la impenetrable jungla de Taman Negara, para a continuación darte un respiro en alguna de las islas de la costa oriental como las Perhentian, Pulau Kapas o Tioman. Continúa hacia el sur hasta llegar a Singapur para vivir de primera mano la interesante mezcla de tradición y modernidad. Podrías finalizar tu aventura conociendo Melaka, una de las ciudades más interesantes de Malasia gracias a sus casas peranakan.

2. Thailand from north to south (20 days)

One of the friendliest countries for the newcomer to this side of the world is Thailand, so if you are new to Asian lands , we recommend you take this route through Southeast Asia. Landing in the always vibrant capital, Bangkok , we encourage you to move northward by stopping at its ancient capitals: Ayyuthaya and Sukothai . Then you could discover the north of the country: Chiang Mai, Pai and Chiang Rai . Give yourself the beach break you crave both on the Andaman coast and the Gulf of Thailand, and end your trip by soaking in the turquoise waters of the Erawan National Park , just a few hours from Bangkok.
If you don’t have so many days, you could shorten just by one coast. For example, if you travel in summer it is advisable to avoid the west coast of Thailand and travel alone in the Gulf area, as the chances of rain are lower. Conversely, if your route through Southeast Asia approaches our winter, the best part is the Andaman Sea area.

3. Jumping from island to island in the Philippines (20 days)

With 7,107 islands , you would need at least one year to be able to say that you have enjoyed the Philippines well, but for a trip to the country to be worthwhile, we recommend that your route be at least 3 weeks. Traveling in the Philippines takes a lot of time , since travel is very slow due to the limited tourist infrastructure. The route that we propose in Skyscanner begins in the north, making a ‘trekking’ through the beautiful rice terraces of Banaue and Batad . After a brief pass through Manila, you could fly to Busuanga airport and explore there at the blow of bangka (the traditional Filipino ship) Coronand its surroundings. By now you will have fallen surrendered to the Philippines thanks to the blinding turquoise colors of its sea. Continue to El Nido , perhaps the best known point in the country. After a few days of boat trips, relax the pace in Port Barton , possibly one of the best secrets of Palawan Island. At this time you will take more than 12 days around the country, so it is best to discover the Visayas region flying from Puerto Princesa to Cebu.
Here you have to choose. You could enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bantayan , local life and diving in Malapascua, make the famous Chocolate Hills tour in Bohol or go around the island of Siquijor by motorcycle. Not only that, on the island of Apo you can swim with turtles only using your snorkeling mask, they are on the beach! If you are shuffling routes through Southeast Asia in summer, you may want to know that in the southern Philippines it rains less at this time. Therefore, you should include Camiguín or Siargao in your itinerary.

4. Wonders of Laos and Cambodia (20 days)

Laos is possibly the country most forgotten by travelers visiting Southeast Asia. Since there are not as many direct flights from Europe as to its neighboring countries and its fame has not yet spread too much, you will not find as many tourists as in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, for example. However, this is nothing more than an advantage! Tour without crowds some of the most authentic places in the region. We encourage you to start with Luang Prabang , the jewel of Laos, and then climb north and discover rural areas such as Luang Namtha . Then you could go to Vang Vieng, which was one of the backpacker capitals of Southeast Asia, but has now regained its tranquility along the Nam Ou River. Continue and visit the capital of Laos, Vientiane , where the spectacular Buda Park is located.
For an immersion in even greater Laotian life, go inside and visit Kong Lor , where it seems that time has stopped. Continue south and stop for a couple of days in Pakse , since from here you can feel like Lara Croft in the little known ruins of Champasak. Also rent a motorcycle to tour the Bolaven Plateau , full of coffee plantations and huge waterfalls. The final part of the trip through Laos should be in one of the4,000 islands of the Mekong River .
If you have plenty of time, put the finishing touch to this route through Southeast Asia touring the Angkor temples in Cambodia . From Siem Reap you will find flights to anywhere in the world.

5. Vietnam by motorcycle (20 days)

If you feel like adventure, one of the routes through Southeast Asia that you can do is on the roads of Vietnam. Many travelers are encouraged to discover this exotic country in this way thanks to the fact that the state of the roads is quite good since they can do so at their leisure. The option of buying a motorcycle in Hanoi or Ho Chi Mihn is not far-fetched, since it is usually quite economical and the options of sale at the end are high. If the plan fits you, start driving through Ho Chi Minh City and don’t leave before visiting the famous Cu Chi tunnels . Then you could go to the Draysap National Park before moving towards the central coast of the country. Take a dip in Nha Trangbefore touring the mountains of Dalat . Take the road to Hanoi by stopping at Danang, Hue and Hoi An . Finish in the best way, spending a few days relaxing on board a ship that makes you know one of the landmarks of Southeast Asia: Halong Bay .

6. Básicos de Indonesia: Java, Bali, Lombok y Komodo (20 días)

Más de 17.000 islas componen el archipiélago de Indonesia, el país del Sudeste Asiático que ofrece las rutas más variadas. Si es tu primera vez, te recomendamos que dediques al menos 20 días a recorrer tus principales puntos de interés. Toma un vuelo hacia Yakarta, la capital, y dirígete directamente hacia Yogyakarta, la ciudad desde la que podrás conocer los impresionantes templos de Borobudur y Prambanan. Después, podrás abrir los ojos de par en par al visitar los famosos volcanes de Bromo y Kawah Ijen sin salir de la isla de Java.
Cruza hacia Bali, donde su cultura y naturaleza te deben retener al menos unos 4 o 5 días. Algunas de las mejores playas, sin embargo, las encontrarás en las vecinas islas Gili, a tan solo un par de horas en barco de Bali. Si tienes ganas de un retiro playero más tranquilo, el sur de Lombok presume de tener playazos como Selong Belanak o Tanjung A’an, aún sin hordas de turistas. El viaje puede acabar de dos maneras: podrías tomar un vuelo a Labuan Bajo y desde ahí conocer las islas de Komodo o completar una intrépida travesía en barco entre Lombok y Flores de 3 o 4 días. Decidas lo que decidas, podrás saludar a los impresionantes dragones de Komodo y ver algunos de los fondos marinos más bellos del planeta.

7. Bangkok and Myanmar (20 days)

Until a few years ago, Myanmar was one of the most hermetic countries in the world. However, now there are many travelers who dare to explore its main attractions and live with those who are possibly the friendliest citizens of Southeast Asia. Skyscanner open the search and help you find cheap flights to Bangkok , city where you can take your jet-lag based pad thais before flying to Yangon . Once there, spend at least one full day before moving north to Myanmar. You could go directly to Bagan, but we encourage you to stop in Pyay, a very quiet city where you can see how the local population lives and discover a temple just visited by foreigners. Then, take the train to reach the exciting Bagan , one of the most iconic places in this Asian region. When you are tired of seeing temples (if that is possible!), Head to Monywa , where an imposing statue of Buddha awaits you. Make base in Mandalay and visit at least the famous teak bridge at sunset.
Do some trekking in Hsipaw , where you will not only see beautiful landscapes but you will have the opportunity to live with one of the ethnic groups of Myanmar. Then, it will be time to sail the immense Inle Lakeand end your trip by touring motorcycle Hpa-an , a pearl a few hours from the northern border with Thailand.

8. Singapore and the unknown Sumatra (15 days)

Do you feel like something different? One of the routes in Southeast Asia that you can do and that few people do starts in Singapore . After a couple of days of acclimatization (surely much simpler after a soak in the pool of the immense Marina Bay Sands), take one of the cheap flights to Medan , the most important city on the island of Sumatra. Immediately after, head by bus to Bukit Lawang , where you will find yourself face to face with the orangutans. This jungle trekking is one of the most beautiful activities you can do in Indonesia. Then you can make the decision to spend a few days diving and beach on the island of Pulau Weh or head towardsBerastagi to know the imposing Sibayak volcano . From there it is easy to access Lake Toba , where time will pass quickly relaxing surrounded by the Batak culture. As you can see, Indonesia is infinite!

9. Northern Thailand and Laos (20 days)

Organize with the Skyscanner meta-search engine one of the least traveled routes in Southeast Asia : the one that runs between northern Thailand and Laos. You could start with Chiang Mai , take a break traveling on a Pai motorcycle and then moving towards Chiang Rai , where the famous White Temple awaits you. Here you could take an excursion to the one known as the Golden Triangle before crossing the land border between Thailand and Laos. Go directly to Luang Namtha , where you can spend a few days discovering the area by motorcycle before starting the descent south by Luang Prabang. Keep touring Laos as we have marked you on itinerary number 4. We promise you will return home in love with Southeast Asia.

10. Less visited Indonesia : Sulawesi and Flores (20 days)

Indonesia gives the traveler many of the most fascinating routes in Southeast Asia . For example, we encourage you to combine the island of Sulawesi with that of Flores, two of the least visited islands in the country. In Sulawesi you cannot miss the history of the Tana Toraja , one of the most exciting tribes in this region of the planet. Also, if you are a diving addict, you surely want to spend a few days enjoying the water paradises of the Togean and Bunaken Islands . Then you can jump to Labuan Bajo , where to start a motorcycle route through Interflores , one of the most charismatic roads in Southeast Asia. The trip ends in the waters of Komodo, where you can swim with immense sea blankets.

11. Bangkok, sur de Tailandia y Camboya (20 días)

Esta es posiblemente una de las rutas por el Sudeste Asiático que puedes hacer más populares. En ella se combinan a la perfección algunas de las maravillas culturales de la zona con los paisajes paradisíacos que siempre habías imaginado. Busca un vuelo barato a Bangkok y pasa un par de días deambulando por sus templos y mercados antes de tomar un avión a Siam Reap, donde te sentirás un verdadero explorador en los templos de Angkor. Si cuentas con bastante tiempo, podrías dedicar más días a conocer el resto de Camboya. Nom Pen y Koh Rong son algunas de nuestras propuestas. Para acabar el viaje solo necesitas bañador y chanclas. Toma un vuelo a Krabi para conocer lugares tan bonitos como Railey o las islas Phi Phi. Luego puedes saltar al otro lado de la costa de Tailandia para aprender a bucear en Ko Tao o vivir una fiesta muy lunática en Koh Phangan.

12. ¡Sudeste Asiático al completo!

¿Tienes tiempo de sobra? ¡Pues lánzate a descubrir el Sudeste Asiático al completo! Indagando un poco en internet, verás que no son pocos los viajeros que dedican desde 6 meses hasta un par de años a descubrir esta región del globo. Gracias a las compañías aéreas de bajo coste y a los precios tan económicos de alojamiento y comida en estos países, es muy barato recorrerlos por poco dinero. ¿Te animas?

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